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There are various aspects of governance and one of them is civic and voter education. Peace Tree Network – PTN enlightens people on civic and voter education. This is aimed at creating awareness in people on civic and voter education, so that they can be active participants in decision making through their democratically elected representatives.

The knowledge on Civic and Voter Education is an important aspect to all citizens. This is because civic and voter education not only enables citizens to know their rights as voters but also their responsibilities. Through this knowledge citizens are able to participate in the development of their country and especially their counties. It also creates awareness among the people so that they can co-exist in harmony.

Through these trainings people are made aware of social, economic and political developments that are coming up as they affect them. Civic education gives the citizens some responsibilities for instance; they become active participants in the development of the country. It also gives better skills to do advocacy, engage with the elected leaders, promotes public understanding of rights and public responsibilities of a citizen. It also provides knowledge on what the government is doing to the citizens.See more...