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Peace Tree Network carries out training on human rights to empower communities with skills and knowledge so as to advocate for human right and denounce abuses of the same.

PTN believes that all human beings throughout the world would like to be respected and live in harmony while participating in the development of their countries or states. This is only possible if people know their human rights and the abuses of these rights are reported to the appropriate authorities so that legal actions can be taken. It is an obvious thing that law enforcement cannot be put into action unless people know their human rights and they exercise these rights.

As the saying goes that one cannot know unless someone has given this knowledge to him or unless someone has taught him, Peace Tree Network-PTN has played the role of empowering people to know their rights in order to foster peaceful co-existence among states of the region. In this view of enhancing knowledge about human rights and reporting of abuses, PTN realizes trainings of trainers (TOTs) in four Sub-counties of Kwale County, namely Kinango, Lunga lunga, Matuga and Msambweni.