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Our History

Peace Tree Network (PTN) was established in the year 2000 with the mandate of fostering solidarity in the promotion of peace in the region. It came about as the result of continued consultations amongst peace actors in the region in conjunction with CIDSE-SAPNA. The consultations culminated in a workshop held in Nairobi, in 2000, on "The Challenges of Partnership Toward an Alliance for Peace building". The workshop led to the creation of Peace Gate which has been renamed Peace Tree Network.

Important meetings and prayers were held under designated sacred trees in traditional African societies. The tree in our logo represents that sacred tree which is Peace Tree Network. Like a tree whose roots, stems, branches and leaves have each got a function for its lymph circulating by networking, members of PTN come together under one umbrella for a collaborative effort in view of a more peaceful society.

PTN envisions a peaceful co-existence amongst people and states of the region.

To develop and maintain collaborative relationships among peace actors in order to promote sustainable peace in the region. This is to be achieved by members cooperating to complement each other's strengths and enhance their capacity for a greater impact through exchange information, experiences and resources.

  • To establish and develop national and regional structures for the harmonization of peace initiatives and the fostering of solidarity among peace actors;
  • To enhance the capacity of PTN members to maximize the impact of their work through the creation of an enabling environment for the exchange of information, experiences and resources;
  • To encourage and support sustainable impact oriented peace initiatives in the region.