Good Governance


Enhance a transparent and accountable society.


  • Enhance the knowledge of community members on democratic process.
  • Enhance participation of citizens in government affairs.
  • Hold leaders accountable on resource utilization and use of power entrusted to them by people.

There are various aspects of governance and one of them is Civic and Voter Education. Peace Tree Network (PTN) enlightens people on Civic and Voter Education. This is aimed at creating awareness in people, so that they can be active participants in decision making through their democratically elected representatives.

The knowledge on Civic and Voter Education is an important aspect to all citizens. This is because it not only enables citizens to know their rights as voters, but also their responsibilities. Through this knowledge citizens are able to participate in the development of their country and especially their counties. It creates awareness among the people so that they can co-exist in harmony.

Through these trainings people are made aware of social, economic and political developments that are coming up and how they affect them. Civic Education gives the citizens some responsibilities for instance; they become active participants in the development of the country. It gives better skills to do advocacy, to engage with the elected leaders, and promotes public understanding of rights and public responsibilities of a citizen. It also provides knowledge on what the government is doing for the citizens.


Master Workshop Plan on the Devolved Government in Mt. Elgon

80 participants from Kapsokony, Cheptais and Kopsiro were present. PTN enabled the participants gain understanding of the foundation and objects of devolution. The facilitators also enhanced the communities involvement in the County Government. The training was impactful as some of the participants were able to organize themselves and initiate sensitization forums within their communities.

Capacity Building on Budgeting and Public Expenditure Tracking System (PETS)

Social Accountability is one of the core responsibilities that PTN advocates for as a means to ensuring good governance. As a result the organization has facilitated trainings on the same as well as participating in social audits. PETS is one of the trainings that have been conducted for this purpose. 80 participants from Mt. Elgon had the opportunity to attend the training during which they were informed of the available educational and employment opportunities from the Assistant’s Chief’s office in Kipsiro. Some of the participants also had the chance to visit the Assistant Commissioner’s office to discuss the way forward on the insecurities faced by the community members.

Social Audit Validation Workshop

A number of validation workshops have been done to enlighten and seek feedback from the community on research findings. the workshops allow for credibility on the information that PTN shares once the findings are published. Some of the PTN researches done that have been subjected to these workshops include: ‘The Utilization of Disbursed Funds to Schools’ and a research on ‘Adolescent Motherhood‘ in Bungoma and Kwale County rspectively.

Civic and Voter Education Trainings

PTN has held a series of these trainings at Mt. Elgon and Kwale County. The main aim of the trainings was to enhance the knowledge of the community members on Civic Education and to encourage them to put it into practice. It is actually after these trainings that PTN realized the need to have an in-depth training on Civic Education and Conflict Resolution. As a result, a series of Civic and Voter Education trainings have been conducted. the most recent in 2017, drew in 80 participants from Kwale County. Its goal was to increase the number of registered youth and women electorates in the 2017 General Elections.


  • Over 1000 direct beneficiaries from the trainings hence knowledge empowerment.
  • Participants gaining confidence and vying for leadership posts in the government hence leadership empowerment.
  • Participants getting employment courtesy of the PTN certificates hence economic empowerment.