Peace Building

*Build resilient communities that can peacefully resolve issues of conflict.*


Peace Tree Network’s motto is to enhance capacities for peace by enriching our communities with peaceful conflict resolution mechanisms.

Activity Highlights

The issue of violent extremism is not new in Kenya especially in some parts of the country as the Nairobi and Coast regions.   As of September 2016, Kenya launched its National Strategy to combat violent extremism with the president expressing his dedication towards this matter. Three other counties in the country also established their own C.V.E strategies to balance the situation i.e Lamu, Kwale, and Mombasa. Being an organization that focuses on the area of peacebuilding and conflict resolution, PTN dedicated it’s time to also address this matter through holding a series of trainings on countering violent extremism. This took place in Kinango in the month of June 2019 at Vision Empire. The workshop brought together stakeholders at the community level involved in Community Policing and CVE. These stakeholders included Nyumba Kumi officials, National Government officials (the Chief), Religious leaders (Imams and Pastors), Women and Youth.  

The objectives of the training included creating awareness on the County Policy on Countering Violent Extremism, secondly,  enhancing the capacity of stakeholders in Countering Violent Extremism, and lastly building the community’s resilience against risks posed by Violent Extremism (VE).                                                                         


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