Research and Advocacy

*Highlight and disseminate credible information on social issues.*


PTN lobbies policymakers on the development and implementation of appropriate policies on peace security and development. It also advocates for human rights, justice, and good governance.

Activity Highlights

  1. Telephone Survey


Since the lockdowns as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, 1.7 Million people in Kenya have lost their jobs and the socio-economic pressures are very real. PTN sought to investigate the impact in Kwale County so as to come up with responsive measures. This was done through a telephone survey that had 20 persons sampled from the four sub-counties in Kwale County. Drawing from the research some of the arising issues were the rise of cases in domestic violence, child neglect, and incest.



2. #Panguzamachozi

Kwale county was equally badly hit as other parts of the country following the pandemic. Going by telephone surveys,  PTN saw the need to create safe spaces where people could be able to share their predicaments and find solutions. This was done through a series of panel discussions that accommodated experts, survivors, Civil society, and government representatives. The topics included COVID 19 & GBV, COVID 19 & Disability, and COVID 19 & Education. These were streamed on the PTN Facebook and Youtube pages. Conversations under this hashtag on Twitter accrued cumulatively 12Million impressions.

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