Research and Advocacy



Highlighting and disseminating credible information on social issues which can be used in the development of responsive programs and as advocacy tools.


  • Carry out investigative research on emerging issues concerning the society.
  • Publish the research findings
  • Advocate for mechanisms that address the highlighted challenges.


  • Analyzing Inclusion and Participation of Children in the Reconciliation and Reintegration Processes in Post-conflict Mt. Elgon in Kenya – April to August 2014.
  • Effects of Adolescent Motherhood in Kwale County.
  • An Evaluation of the Provision of Education and Health Services in Kwale County – January to March 2018

You can find materials on researches and publications by Peace Tree Network from the publications link of our website.


The first set of the radio programs were held  at West FM, Bungoma in Kenya. They included three radio broadcasts. One was In May 2014 with an aim of “Enlightening the Society on the  Devolution Process Through Educating Them on the Devolved System of  Governance and  Social Accountability”. The guest panelist was an expert of devolution, Mr. Chemweus.

From 2017, PTN held its radio shows at Radio Salaam in Mombasa , Kenya. The first radio show tackled the theme “Peaceful Elections Kenya”. The panelists included a Youth Representative who was also an aspirant for the Kinango and Lunga Lunga sub-counties, Mr. Richard Itambo and Bw. Bakari Chitsama and a Human Rights activist,  Maimuna Ibrahim.

A radio show was held at Radio Salaam in March 2018. PTN ‘s aim was to help change the mindset of the society through highlighting the roles some of the youth have taken in Peace Building and Conflict Management. Countering the Narrative of the Youth as Perpetrators of Violence”. The guest panelists were: Mr. Omar Challa, the Director of Jamia Action Centre  representing the youth, Martha Okumu, the Executive Director of PTN, and Spontaneous the Poet representing the artists. 

PTN newsletter issue for November 2018 was released on first November. It’s title is “Let us hold ourselves accountable.”