Many times when GBV in marriage is mentioned, we think of the women as victims. But what about the 576,000 plus men who have to re-think finding help as victims for the fear of stigmatization?

PTN, under the Men: Hear Our Voices, held its 2nd  edition of the #BoyzChamber series to explore the topic of marriage and GBV. In the panel was Dan Matakaya, a survivor of an acid attack by the wife that left him blind; And with a desire to rescue men facing domestic violence hence the Dan ShiShie Foundation

We also got a chance to explore conversations around getting married at a younger age, raising children out of wedlock, dowry, name change after marriage among others, The conversation took place on PTN’s YouTube and Facebook Pages.

This conversation garnered  6.4 Million impressions on Twitter under the #TheBoyzChamber